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Community History Video Series

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Richmond Museum of History and Culture executive director Melinda McCrary introducing the Community History Video Series, and describing the target audiences while also explaining how the series is being used as educational curriculum for Richmond area schools.

The video series was produced and directed by Doug Harris and was funded by the Richmond Environmental Community Investment Agreement (ECIA) Grant Program.  
Rancho San Pablo

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Video explores the orgins of Rancho San Pablo dating back to the 1800s in Alta California when the land was governed by Mexico, and was the location where the Castro family was granted the land area and settled to establish their large cattle ranches.  

Robert Senewicz, Professor of History at Santa Clara University describes the lineage of California's history leading to its statehood in 1850, and how the Castro's large ranch area today makes up El Cerrito, Kensington, San Pablo, and Richmond.
Richmond Spanish Flu

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Video examines the impact the 1918 Spanish Flu had on Richmond, and the important role the Red Cross played in providing nursing help to the community.  Drastic measures were taken by local government with stiff penalties levied to citizens who violated the strict mask wearing orders.

Liam O'Donohue, East Bay Historian explains the many similarities between today's COVID-19 pandemic and the early Spanish Flu through archival newspaper headlines and articles from the Richmond Independent newspaper.
Red Oak Victory Ship

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Video highlights the development of the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, and how the facility was one of the largest shipbuilding operations in the country that furnished hundreds of ships during WWII.  The Red Oak Victory was the last victory ship built in Richmond, and is now a museum in the old shipyards where it was constructed.

Fred Klink and Karen Buchanan of the Red Oak Victory Ship Museum describe the socio-economic impact the Kaiser Shipyards had on Richmond, and how the city's population boomed during the great migration of workers from the south to the Bay Area.
Richmond Black Panthers

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Video explains how the Black Panther Party was organized in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale to address the problems surrounding police brutality, and how the group conducted one of its first community organizing efforts in North Richmond after the murder of Denzil "Boogie" Dowell in 1967.  

Xavier Buck, Deputy Director of the Huey P. Newton Foundation provides commentary on the many social programs the Black Panthers established, and how several of their programs would later be instituted by the U.S. government.
Starlight Studios

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Video profiles the list of popular R&B and Hip Hop artist recordings at Starlight Studios in Richmond, and how the operation played an integral role in the Bay Area and national music scene that flourished in the 1980s and 1990s.  

Ocea Savage and Vern Lane, Bay Area music artists provide commentary on the musical landscape that grew in Richmond, and the many independent producers and small recording studio operations that evolved after closure of Starlight Studios.
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