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People are now consuming massive amounts of video content via smart phones, tablet computers and laptops, which makes online video the medium of choice in today's society. The ability to communicate a clear concise message, brand and story through digital video is key to maintaining an impactful online presence.  
Doug Harris offers an affordable production alternative for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, businessess and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their online presence through carefully crafted:

  • Educational Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Promotional Videos

  • Special Event Videos

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Long and Short Form Documentaries

Some of our broadcast partners and clients include:

Post Production

Post production editing is the last step in getting a media project completed, and the editor is solely responsible for the final outcome.  If there was a tool that closely resembles Doug's role in the video production process, it would be that of a Swiss Army Knife.   His ability to work simultaniously as a producer, director and editor provides big cost saving advantages for clients on all types of projects.

Areas of post production Doug specializes in includes: evaluating video content, on-line editing, graphic design, special effects, music selections, audio mixing, color correction, and video compression using the lineup of Adobe Creative Suite tools.

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